How to meet the gay men Salvador de Bahia

To the gay men of Salvador de Bahia, Rio de Janeiro has long been known as the capital of gay Brazil. But lesbians and gays in Brazil are becoming more and more accepted as an important part of the Brazilian social scene, and the gay men of Salvador de Bahia are now well catered for in all of the major cities.

Salvador gay men now have access to a vibrant social scene. The Salvador nightlife, gay clubs in Salvador, and gay Salvador saunas are all well known and well frequented.

In terms of where to go and who to get in touch with, your first port of call should probably be the GGB, or “Grupo Gay da Bahia”, a very active gay Brazil rights organization for all GLS (gays, lesbians and sympathizers). They will be able to give you current lists of popular locations and activities, as they take good care of the gay men of Salvador de Bahia! The address of the GGB is Rua Frei Vecente 24, Pelourinho.

The gay men of Salvador de Bahia tend to be more socially mixed with other sectors of the population than is the case in many countries around the world. Gay sex in Salvador de Bahia can be discussed openly in general company, and there is no segregation of gay Salvador in terms of specific residential areas.

Having said that, there is an active gay quarter for the gay men of Salvador de Bahia in the neighborhood of Barra, which has many of the gay clubs in Salvador, and bars and other Salvador nightlife. Gay saunas in Salvador Brazil are also well frequented – lots of the gay men of Salvador de Bahia claim to have met their lover at a Salvador gay sauna!

So, if you’re looking for gay travel, Brazil is a great option and you will find the gay men of Salvador de Bahia welcoming and great fun.

Popular places for the gay men of Salvador de Bahia to meet and socialize include:

  • The beach at Farol da Barra – popular on Saturday nights (and through till Sunday morning if you can last!)
  • Praia dos Artistas, at a beach kiosk called Barraca Aruba – Sunday is the day the gay men of Salvador de Bahia frequent this lively place.
  • Camarim – a well known gay bar near the Teatro Castro Alves – very popular and busy at weekends, but also good during the week.
  • Termas Omni, on Rua Augusto Franca, a popular Salvador gay sauna, is very clean and welcoming.
  • Termas Persona is a sauna with more overt sexual tones, and is located on Rua Junqueira Ayres.
  • Rios sauna on Rua Almeida Sande is one of the largest and busiest gay saunas in Salvador and is often frequented by lots of couples.
Whatever kind of day (or night!) out you are looking for, you are sure to have a great time with the gay men Salvador of de Bahia – enjoy!



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