Salvador Brazil Crime

Salvador Brazil Crime statistics show the crime level of Salvador although not the best in the world, but is definitely showing improvement compared to where it stood few years back. It is evident from the fact that overall rate of homicides which is the biggest reason for death in Brazil has gone done by nearly 4% from the year 2001 to 2004. In terms of numbers the homicide rate stands at approximately 27 per 100,000 which is still relatively high compared to nations like United States which has homicide rate of 5.6 per 100,000 as of 2004 census.

Salvador has the most minuscule crime rate in comparison to other major cities of Brazil especially areas like central city and the downtown are relatively safe compared to other parts of the city where you have to be little watchful. The homicide rate of downtown and central Salvador is i.e. around 4 murders per 100,000 which are very low compared to other big cities like Rio and Sao Paulo.

However care must be taken and travellers must be alert and aware of their belongings as petty crimes like pick pocketing and robbing are pretty common. Tourists should be mindful of the fact that keeping more money with them will make them prone to these petty criminals, so avoid keeping large amount of money. Also do not dress fancily, try to be as simple and modest as possible as it would not attract the attention of thieves and robbers. Also, do not keep important documents with you like passport, only a copy would do. Women tourists should avoid wearing fancy or precious jewellery. Also avoid taking your camera outside Pelourinho, the historic district of Salvador. It’s always a good idea to have a map of the area you want to explore on a particular day. Keep an eye on your belongings when near the beaches, they are notorious for juvenile thieves prying near beaches. It is highly advisable to move around in groups instead of moving alone especially during nights.

Though Salvador is one of the best tourist places and Salvador Brazil crime is also low compared to other major cities, the city has its own problems like poverty, prostitution and marijuana trafficking. It is the transit point of cocaine in the region. High poverty rate in the Favelas (low income neighbourhoods of Salvador are called Favelas) is a deep concern. One of the reasons is high unemployment rate. The unemployment rate is particularly high in black people and so is their income level. The unemployment rate among black people stands at staggering 27% compared to 18.5% among whites. Also, the average salary of black people is nearly half of what white people earn, according to the department of socio-economic studies.

Poor sanitation is another lingering problem of Salvador. Nearly one third of residents do not have basic amenities like sewage lines and septic tanks. Salvador has some sewer lines that drain into the ocean forcing many tourists to stat away from bay side waters like Porto da Baraa. Atlantic side beaches are cleaner and are recommended for tourists.

Salvador has also gained notoriety for prostitution largely due to low economic level of people which force them into prostitution. The city is also home to many male prostitutes. All these attributed to the rise in the number of HIV positive cases in the city. As many as 15% of prostitutes are HIV positive according to a report of the United Nations AIDS Organization. But at national level majority of the HIV positive people belong to the two big cities Rio and Sao Paulo which accounts for about 60% of the total cases. Due to many initiatives taken up by many international and local AIDS prevention agencies the city is showing a decline in number of infected people and sexually transmitted diseases along with the decline in national rate too. Many social programs like Northeast Endemic Disease Control, Northeast Health services, GAPA-BA and Northeast Basic Health Services II has been undertaken by Brazil with the help of monetary funding from World Bank.



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